Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dallas Redistricting Process Now Online

Today, 6-30-11, the final plan was presented to the Dallas Redistricting Commission for study.  Find details at
************* Posts below are archived as of 6-30-11 **************
Yesterday was the day the Dallas City Council redistricting process when online. It is at  In the left column click on Redistricting Web Account Request Form and begin the process.  You will be sent the instructions and password you will need to begin your own redistricting plan for Dallas City Council.

Yesterday three people requested passwords and are starting the process.

There are now three places the public can go to work on redistricting plans:
  1. Dallas Redistricting Commission offices in City Hall,
  2. the Central Library,
  3. and any computer with an Internet connection. 
The final day for the public to submit a redistricting plan is June 30, 2011 at 5:00pm

If the guidelines established by the Dallas City Council Redistricting Commission are fully reflected in the final district boundaries established, this will be a significant step forward for Dallas. Citizens need to be vigilant and make certain these redistricting guidelines are followed.

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