Monday, June 20, 2011

Dallas City Council Redistricting Plan wPlan03, 6th plan and third planned for submission to Comission: the Goal!

Today, 6-30-11, the final plan was presented to the Dallas Redistricting Commission for study.  Find details at
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On, 6-20-11, the Dallas City Council Redistricting plan named wPlan03 was accepted by city redistricting staff for consideration, then pulled back for minor updates and corrections following additional input.  This will be the third and final plan submitted to the Commissioners. It is setting the standards for the final plan selected to match:
  1. The average wPlan03 district perimeter is 31.04 miles as of 6-20-11.  That is 12.5 miles less than the current average perimeter with the current 14 city council districts.  (Is there a better way to reunite neighborhoods and keep them together than eliminating 175 miles of boundary line?)
  2. There are 3 Black majority districts with adult voting age percentages that average over 60%. 
  3. There are 5 majority Hispanic districts with adult voting age percentages that average over 62%.
  4. There are two additional districts termed as "minority opportunity districts."
  5. The compactness measurements improved significantly, to an average index value of 1.36 for all measurements on all Dallas City Council districts combined in wPlan03. 
Here are the demographics, and compactness measurements for the version of wPlan03 as of 6-20-11:
The above average numbers are the highest yet secured in the affirmation of Voting Rights Act goals during this redistricting process for the Dallas City Council.
The Compactness Index average of 1.36 reflects very positive improvements to correspond with the low average district perimeter of 31.04 miles. 

The final redistricting plan put in place by the Dallas City Council should have numbers at least this positive for minority representation, district perimeter, and compactness scores!  If you agree, please let them know.

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