Friday, June 17, 2011

Fifth Dallas City Council Redistricting Plan as of 6-17-11

On 6-30-11, an improved version of this plan was presented to the Dallas Redistricting Commission for study.  Find details for newest version down the page at
************* Posts below are archived as of 6-30-11 **************
Following input received at the last Commission meeting, wPlan24 was redone to move districts closer to their population centers and thereby improve the compactness scores for the entire plan.  The western boudary for District 13 was moved to Marsh Lane with effects that went around the map. Compactness measurements will be secured Monday.  Here is the resulting map for pPlan12, the fifth plan done:
I am very certain that the compactness measurements for this new map will be higher than any to date.  Here are the populations statistics generated by this new map:
Work remains to be done, but the maps are getting better.  What problems do you see?

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