Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Best Dallas City Council Redistricting Plan yet!

Today, 6-30-11, the final plan was presented to the Dallas Redistricting Commission for study.  Find details at
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Using the online redistricting application for Dallas City Council, I have created this weekend the 6th and best redistricting plan yet.  It is named wPlan03, not to be confused with pPlan03 submitted over a month ago. 

WPlan03 increases minority representation potential for both Black and Hispanic communities of interest. The 5 Hispanic districts now have a voting age population that averages over 62% of the population in those 5 districts, 4 percentage points higher than the pPlan03 submitted a month ago.  The three Black districts now have voting age populations that averages over 60%, 2 percentage points higher than the pPlan03 submitted a month ago. 

The one failing of the online application is the difficulty in getting a map from it without city staff help.  Below are two photos of the design of the districts reflected in the above statistics.  These are digital photographs taken of the online map with the District numbers inserted.  (Maybe someone can show me how to get a digital map from this software.) This clearly shows where the boundary lines are. 

First, here is the map for the north side of Dallas under wPlan03 as of 6-19-11:

Here is the of the South side of Dallas under wPlan03 as of 6-19-11:

While I am certain that the compression tests for this wPlan03 will show improvement, those results will not be available until Monday afternoon at the earliest.  City staff must run those tests after wPlan03 is formally accepted for submission.  Your comments and questions are welcome:

Remember, there are now two plans that will be presented before the Redistricting Commission on 6-21-11: pPlan03 submitted a month ago and wPlan24 submitted a week ago. WPlan03 is a new plan completed this weekend.  It is built on the improvements of all the plans that have gone before it, and improves those results.

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