Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fourth Dallas City Council Redistricting plan completed, second one submitted to city for consideration.

This afternoon, 6-14-11, I submitted a second offical redistricting plan to the city that met all requirements for acceptance. While it was my fourth plan finished, two of them have not been submitted for various reasons.  Work continues on one of those. The plan submitted, wPlan24, has many improvements from the first plan submitted almost a month ago, including that almost all of West Dallas is in one district:

Click on this map to enlarge it. Only one small area of West Dallas, east of Beckley and South of Commerce are in District 1 and not with the rest of West Dallas in District 3. Here are the statistics generated by this redistricting map. Study them closely.
Comments to this map are welcome. It is a work in progress and critical comments are especially valuable.  bbetzen@aol.com, Bill Betzen

The compactness scores for this redistricting plan were received this afternoon. (See copy below.) They are very good! The average index average score is 1.43, about 5 percentage points below the 1.50 average index score achieved by the "ideal compactness" pPlan10 that was designed last week with compactness and district population equality as the ONLY goals.  
This new plan, named pPlan24, will be formally presented next Tuesday, 6-21-11, at the 6:00 PM Dallas City Council Redistricting Commission meeting in room 6SE in City Hall. If you support the map represented in pPlan24 please come and tell the Commissioners.  Public testimony is accepted at every meeting.  You may also email your support of the plan to Dr. Ruth Morgan, Committee Chairperson, c/o Yasmin Tolliver, yasmin.tolliver@dallascityhall.com.

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