Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Second Dallas City Council Redistricting Plan

Today, 6-30-11, the final plan was presented to the Dallas Redistricting Commission for study.  Find details at http://dallasredistricting2011.blogspot.com/
************* Posts below are archived as of 6-30-11 **************
Following up on feedback received from the redistricting meetings, a second plan is now almost complete. The total deviation from the 85,558 population target has dropped from 4.24% to 3.52%.  The following changes were made to pPlan03, already submitted and posted here on 5/16/11.  They are another strong step forward in efforts to have all communities of interest represented on the Dallas City Council. (Click on the map below to see a larger copy.)

These are the changes made from the first plan, pPlan03, to achieve this second plan:
  1. The District 2 northern boundary was moved south to Forney Road and the western boundary was pushed west across White Rock Creek and then northwest to Central Expressway to take in the East Dallas Hispanic Community.  
  2. The moving of the northern boundary of District 2 also brought the southern boundary of District 9 down to Forney Road. To balance population the western boundary of District 9 was moved east, across White Rock Lake. That formed District 9 into the 6th Hispanic City Council District: 50.8% Hispanic. 
  3. The southeast boundary to District 4 was moved east across the Trinity River to be unified with the Black Community along the eastern edge of East Ledbetter Drive, before it meets with C. F. Hawn freeway. This raised the Black percentage 6 points in District 4, to 59%. 
  4. The eastern boundary of District 14 was moved across White Rock Lake, along with other modifications, leading to the above map and the statistics below: 
This work was done on the computers in the Dallas Central Library. If anyone wants copies of this work, the Lplan01 itself so you can improve on it, or more detailed digital copies of the maps produced, please email bbetzen@aol.com.

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