Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Progress made and danger remaining: Dallas City Council Redistricting Meeting 08/16/11

Last night the 11 amended maps from the 8/11/11 Dallas City Council Redistricting Commission meeting were posted online.  The following chart has been created reflecting the most critical measurements from these 11 maps.  Only one map on the list below has not met the most critical population equality criteria.  That is cPlan05a.  It has a total deviation from the population target that goes above 10%, a critical flaw.  The other plan with this same critical flaw, wPlan03b, was not included in the listing due to that fatal flaw.

The following chart reflects wonderful progress.  The average district perimenter is significantly improved in every plan!  Gerrymandering will be lessened significantly in Dallas.  We have much to celebrate!

This chart also reflects challenges. The differences between the plans in the ability to provide 8 secure minority districts is significant. While they all meet minimum criteria, hopefully the Redistricting Commission will see the wisdom of going well beyond the minimum.

Click on the chart below to enlarge it.

Dallas City Council Redistricting - 11 Amended Plans for 08-16-11 Meeting

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