Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Three Plans for 8/20/11 Dallas Redistricting Public Forum

Last night one version of each of the three maps was selected to move forward to the forum for public input in City Council Chambers, Saturday, 8/20/11, beginning at 2:00 PM. Anyone wanting to speak about their favorite plan must either call (214-670-5735) or email ( the Redistricting Commission staff, before 2 PM Friday, or appear and sign up at City Hall, City Council Chambers before 1:55 PM on Saturday, to have their name recorded to be a speaker.  As of last nights meeting there were 12 people scheduled for their three minute time to present Saturday.

The final three plans, with names shortened to Plan 3, Plan 5, and Plan 16, are now online at the top of the page at .

While all three of the plans have 8 minority districts and at least one minority opportunity district, Plan 3 is the only one of the three plans that has two minority opportunity districts.  A minority opportunity district is one wherein no single minority group is over 50% of the district voting age population, but together the combined minority voting age populations make up over 50% of the population.  In Plan 3 the minority voting age population is 70.1% of the population in the strongest minority opportunity district, District 9, and 58.9% in the second minority opportunity district, District 10.  District 10 is the only minority opportunity district in the other two plans.  District 10 has a minority voting age population of 57.7% in Plan16 and 57.6% in Plan 5.

There continue to be significant differences between the plans as to how strong their 8 minority districts are. All plans have three majority Black districts. Plan 3 has an average Black voting age population of 63.07% in these three districts.  In Plan 5 that percentage is 58.23%. In Plan 16 it is 59.40%.

All three plans also have 5 majority Hispanic districts. Plan 3 has an average Hispanic voting age population percentage that is 61.79% for these 5 districts. In Plan 5 that same percentage is 60.75%. In Plan 16 it is 60.76%.

Plan 3 continues to be one of the most compact ever presented to the Redistricting Commission.  It has measurements between the other two of the selected plans.  See the chart below for details:
Click chart below to enlarge.

Click the above to enlarge.
Remember, any plan in inventory, not just these three, can be commented on and recommended Saturday.

Witness a major event in the history of Dallas on Saturday. It is not required that you sign up to speak. The parking is free. The seats are comfortable. The building is comfortably air conditioned. The event is free!

If it is like many of the 20+ Redistricting Commission meetings I have witnessed, there are usually some fireworks. The security guards have not had to actually throw anybody out yet, but it has been close several times. This is raw democracy in action. Come join in this wonderful process! Let's reclaim our democracy! It is the foundation for this great nation … and it appears Dallas may be doing it better than anybody!

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