Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dallas Redistricting Commission will narrow 15 plans to 5 or less on Tuesday 8/9/11

On the posted agenda for the Tuesday, 8/9/11 6 PM meeting of the Dallas City Council Redistricting Commission (room 6SE of Dallas City Hall) the following 15 plans are listed for consideration. At least 10 will be eliminated.  Click on the chart below to enlarge it.  Study the 8 demographic and compactness measurements from each of these 15 plans. 

Please print out and study this chart.  Bring it to the meeting and sign up to speak.  Copies will be available at the meeting. Let the commissioners know which plan you like the most and why. You may also email your concerns and/or opinions to the commissioners at .

At this meeting the Commissioners will narrow the above list down to 5 or fewer plans to continue considering. The plans are listed on the above chart in the same order they are listed on the meeting agenda (except for the amendments submitted for wPlan03.)  If you would like to look at the maps, or the more detailed measurements from each map, the link to the page where all such data is collected within the City of Dallas Redistricting web site is; .

Help Dallas prepare for the future. 

If you have any questions about this process, or the above chart, I will gladly try to answer them.  Below are the guidelines that the Commissioners established in April that have been guiding our process to this point. This is a good time to go back and read these two pages. Click on them to enlarge.
Bill Betzen

Mayor Mike Rawlings at Chorizo & Menudo Meeting Saturday 8/6/11 with wPlan03 map in the back.

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