Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dallas County Early Voting Visibility Project

The Dallas League of Women Voters will be managing a Early Voting Visibility Project during the November 2014 elections.   This is a test.

Half of the Dallas County early voting locations were selected at random.  Over 500 large Dallas County signs with arrows will be used at intersections within 2 miles of each of these 13 locations to direct people to the early voting location.  A 'bread crumb trail' of 2,000 smaller signs with arrows pointing up will lead people from these intersections to the voting location.

The goal is to increase early voting at least 10% at these 13 locations compared to the other early voting locations.

For each location we have 40 of the large signs and 160 of the smaller signs to lead people "captured" at the intersections to the early voting location.  If you want to help put out signs the evening before early voting starts, and to then collect them the evening after early voting ends, and in effect manage one of these 13 locations, please call Bill Betzen at 214-957-9739, or email him at .

We want to use the new bilingual early voting signs (that I need to get a photo of to post here) so that people can vote with no lines and we can avoid lines like this on election day:

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