Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Voter ID & Voting Rights Violations, Dallas County 5-29-12

The following sign was in the election packet for posting along with all the other signs for polling locations on election day, 5-29-12, in Dallas County:
Voter ID Signs in Dallas County 5-29-12
Other, black and white signs, in both Spanish and English, and in much smaller print, explained in detail that the Voter ID law was not in effect for this election.  Those signs listed all the forms of ID that were allowed. During 14 hours yesterday at my polling place I never saw anyone read those more detailed signs posted on the door.  Obviously, if the above sign had been posted, it would have been read much more frequently due to the larger size of the print, the short message, and the red color. 

Due to this high potential for the wrong message to be given, this sign was not posted at our polling location.  While literally correct, without more information it left the impression that a photo ID was required.  A formal complaint has been filed about the use of this sign.  More information is needed on this sign before it is posted again.

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