Thursday, July 14, 2011

Comparison Statistics for Dallas City Council Redistricting Plans posted on city web site as of 7/14/11

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All of the redistricting plans presented in the above chart can be seen online at  On that site you can select the "analysis" which includes demographic and compactness statistics, in more detail.  You may also click on the map to see a map that may be enlarged to 36" by 48" to see street by street details of the proposed boundary lines. Please take the time to study these plans.  They tell you a lot about Dallas. Then attend the Tuesday/Thursday meetings, which will not resume until July 26th, and give your comments.  Beware that, if you have not called the redistricting office (214-670-5735) before 5:00 PM to be placed on the agenda as a speaker, then you must arrive and sign up before 5:55 PM if you want to speak before any Redistricting Commission meeting.  Due to the increased interest and attendance at meetings this is now being strictly enforced.

Regarding the above chart, please note the addition of the two columns titled "Lowest Black/Hispanic Voting Age %" for the respective number of districts.  This was done so as to demonstrate the "weakest" of the minority representation districts in each plan.  These numbers must be watched.    

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Bill Betzen

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